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7857. Employment Law: Problems In

3.00 credits

Prerequisites: None.

Grading Basis: Graded

This seminar focuses on recent developments in employment law in the United States beyond what is typically covered in LAW 7773 or LAW 7655. As their primary assignment, students will select (with instructor approval) an actual pending work law case (in any federal or state court in the United States) and assume the role of the local, state, or federal government agency charged with enforcing the underlying work law at issue (e.g., Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, U.S. Department of Labor). In that role, each student will write multiple drafts an amicus brief suitable to file in the selected pending case. In turn, each student will present and defend their amicus arguments via oral argument in a moot court. Each student will also write a bench memorandum evaluating the other students' amicus brief in preparation for the moot argument. Course readings will be structured around the work law issues presented in the selected pending cases and other significant ongoing litigation concerning work law issues in the United States.