Law Course Catalog Archive

Link Subj Cat # Course Title
LAW 7349 Research for Social Justice
LAW 7351 The Anatomy of a Criminal Prosecution
LAW 7354 Insurance, Current Issues In
LAW 7355 Legal Analysis, Advanced: Strategies and Techniques
LAW 7357 Insurance and Discrimination
LAW 7359 Clinic: Child Advocacy, Advanced Fieldwork
LAW 7360 Diversity and Inclusion in the Legal Profession
LAW 7363 Experiential Research and Writing Tutorial
LAW 7365 Speech, Society, and the First Amendment
LAW 7367 Double Jeopardy
LAW 7368 Role of the In-House Corporate Lawyer
LAW 7369 Connecticut Administrative Law
LAW 7374 Applied Analytical Skills
LAW 7380 Critical Race Theory
LAW 7384 Clinic: Animal Law
LAW 7385 Clinic: Animal Law, Advanced Fieldwork
LAW 7392 Degree Candidacy - Juris Doctor
LAW 7396 Certificate Program Transfer Coursework
LAW 7397 Degree Candidacy - Human Rights and Social Justice LLM
LAW 7476 Space Law
LAW 7477 Legal Spanish, Topics In
LAW 7478 Advanced Writing, Research and Analysis
LAW 7480 Global Compliance and the Organization
LAW 7489 Continuous Registration
LAW 7493 Dual Degree Study
LAW 7494 Degree Candidacy - Insurance Law Program
LAW 7498 Transfer Coursework
LAW 7499 Rank/Quintile Statistics
LAW 7502 Civil Procedure II
LAW 7504 Contracts II
LAW 7510 Criminal Law
LAW 7519 Legal Practice: Negotiation
LAW 7520 Legal Practice: Interviewing, Counseling and Advocacy
LAW 7525 Property
LAW 7529 Immigration and Workplace Rights
LAW 7535 U.S. Law and Legal Institutions
LAW 7540 Constitutional Law, An Introduction
LAW 7542 Constitutional Law II
LAW 7547 Urban Law Policy and Workshop
LAW 7553 Compliance Systems, Case Studies In
LAW 7555 Property II
LAW 7560 Evidence
LAW 7565 Legal Profession
LAW 7568 Climate Law
LAW 7576 Advanced Topics in Regulation
LAW 7577 The Role of the Government Lawyer
LAW 7578 Federal Government/Non-Profit Externship
LAW 7585 US Law and Legal Institutions: Research and Writing
LAW 7592 Health and Human Rights
LAW 7596 Origins of English Common Law
LAW 7602 Appellate Advocacy
LAW 7605 Business Organizations
LAW 7609 Clinic: Asylum and Human Rights
LAW 7610 Clinic: Asylum and Human Rights Fieldwork
LAW 7611 Clinic: Asylum and Human Rights, Advanced Fieldwork
LAW 7616 Clinic: Environmental Law
LAW 7619 Clinic: Criminal Trial Division
LAW 7624 Field Placement: Legislative
LAW 7626 Clinic: Tax
LAW 7627 Clinic: Criminal Appellate Advocacy
LAW 7628 Clinic: Criminal Appellate Division
LAW 7634 Sales
LAW 7638 Transactional Practice
LAW 7639 Bankruptcy
LAW 7642 Clinic: Tax Fieldwork
LAW 7644 Criminal Procedure, Advanced
LAW 7645 Criminal Procedure
LAW 7646 Clinic: Tax, Advanced Fieldwork
LAW 7653 European Human Rights
LAW 7655 Employment Discrimination Law
LAW 7656 Natural Resources Law
LAW 7657 Family Law
LAW 7661 Federal Income Tax
LAW 7667 Income Taxation of Corporations and Their Shareholders
LAW 7673 Alternative Risk Management
LAW 7675 Principles of Insurance
LAW 7683 International Commercial Law
LAW 7697 Law and Public Education
LAW 7705 Legal and Cultural Issues in Cyberspace
LAW 7715 Intellectual Property
LAW 7721 Land Use
LAW 7723 Real Estate Transactions
LAW 7724 Securities Regulation
LAW 7739 Antitrust and Trade Regulation
LAW 7740 Trial Advocacy
LAW 7741 Trial Advocacy, Intensive
LAW 7742 Trusts and Estates
LAW 7743 Clinic: Child Advocacy, Fieldwork
LAW 7744 Clinic: Child Advocacy
LAW 7753 Patent Litigation
LAW 7759 The Nuremberg Trials
LAW 7771 Islamic Finance and Investment Law
LAW 7773 Employment Law
LAW 7774 Surety Law
LAW 7776 Insurance Finance
LAW 7780 International Tax Policy
LAW 7782 Quantitative Methods
LAW 7786 Law of Marine Insurance
LAW 7790 Property Insurance
LAW 7798 Clinic: Intellectual Property and Entrepreneurship, Advanced Fieldwork
LAW 7799 Insurance Solvency Law and Regulation
LAW 7803 American Legal History
LAW 7810 American Indian Law
LAW 7812 Energy Regulation and Policy
LAW 7814 Refugee Law
LAW 7840 Legal Writing, Advanced
LAW 7844 Field Placement: Center for Energy and Environmental Law
LAW 7858 Contemporary Legal Theory/Philosophy
LAW 7864 Workers' Compensation Law
LAW 7865 Health Law
LAW 7868 Intellectual Property Historical Perspectives
LAW 7872 Comparative Law and Rights
LAW 7877 Clinic: Intellectual Property
LAW 7878 International Human Rights
LAW 7883 Human Rights Post Conflict Justice
LAW 7889 Legal Regulation of Art and Public Culture
LAW 7894 Law and Economics
LAW 7898 Clinic: Transactional (Connecticut Urban Legal Initiative)
LAW 7901 Elder Law
LAW 7902 Legal Research, Advanced
LAW 7912 Law, Consciousness, and Free Will
LAW 7919 Clinic: United States' Attorney's
LAW 7926 Sports and the Law
LAW 7935 Practice Ready Research
LAW 7938 Property Valuation and Taxation
LAW 7939 Trademark Law
LAW 7944 Interscholastic Advocacy Competition
LAW 7948 Mock Trial Competition, Interscholastic
LAW 7956 Faculty Directed Reading Seminar
LAW 7976 SJD Continuous Registration
LAW 7977 LL.M. Research Paper
LAW 7979 Field Placement: Individual Field Placement Seminar
LAW 7980 Federal and State Unfair and Deceptive Trade Practice Laws
LAW 7987 Legislation and Regulation
LAW 7991 Legal Practice Workshop
LAW 7994 Teaching Assistantship
LAW 7995 LL.M. Thesis
LAW 7996 Field Placement: Individual
LAW 7997 Moot Court Competition, Interscholastic
LAW 7998 Legal Editorship
LAW 7999 Special Research Project