Law Course Catalog

7711. Healthcare Liability Insurance

3.00 credits

Prerequisites: None.

Grading Basis: Graded

This course will offer a broad-based introduction to the insurance and legal issues intrinsic to various areas of healthcare liability insurance. The course will introduce the students to basic insurance concepts critical to the understanding of healthcare liability insurance and the legal implications of various coverage types and structures. Then, the course will delve into more detail regarding three principal subject areas of healthcare liability insurance: Medical Professional Liability (including physicians and surgeons professional liability, hospital professional liability and long term care professional liability); Managed Care Errors and Omissions; and Life Sciences (including medical device and pharmaceutical products liability; and clinical trials). That detail will include in-depth review of coverages and policy forms within each subject area, discussion of claims and legal issues specific to each subject area, and practical lessons on the underwriting and risk analysis of each subject area. In addition, throughout the semester, we will discuss the impact both long- and short-term of various current/topical issues facing the healthcare liability insurance industry, including tort reform, healthcare delivery reform, and other issues relating to the relationship between providers and payers.