Law Course Catalog

7911. Media and the Law

3.00 credits

Prerequisites: None.

Grading Basis: Graded

Is a seminar that begins with an exploration of the First Amendment background of free press, primarily through the body of case law that has developed over the past two centuries. The unique place of the media in relation to traditional First Amendment concepts is examined. The seminar then proceeds to an examination of such areas as the differences in the law's treatment of the print and the electronic media; issues such as fair trial-free press; the question of access by the media to the sites of newsworthy events; the rights, and responsibilities of the media and their personnel in such matters as compelled testimony and disclosure of notes and other work product; the question of access to the media by elements of society, such as the "equal time" requirement as opposed to the Tornillo decision on the press; the right of the public to know versus the right of the individual to privacy; legal limits on cross-ownership; and the ever-changing area of the law of defamation.